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Welcome to Unique's financial freedom, LLC

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1  Priority

We offer easy-to-understand service, a strong reputation, and an excellent money-back guarantee.

Welcome to Unique's financial freedom, LLC

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1  Priority

We offer easy-to-understand service, a strong reputation, and an excellent money-back guarantee.


A Smarter Way to Repair Your Credit

At Unique’s financial freedom, LLC we have been in business for over 5 years, and our experienced team works with intelligence and an efficient approach to go over the specific details of your credit history and help recover your credit.

Why Do People Choose Us?

We Have Over 5+ Years Of Experience Working With Individuals Who Lack Credit Knowledge.

Track your present

Easy access to your account 24/7 for live status updates on improvements on your credit reports and scores.​

Clean up your past

We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge inaccurate and erroneous items that affect your credit score.

Increase your score

We'll work closely with you and help you increase your credit score by helping you obtain positive accounts.

Change your future

We’ll maximize your score so you can achieve your goals and learn how to maintain your awesome credit long after our work is done.​


We Help Improve Your Credit Scores By Removing:

Late Payments​


Credit Errors​


Charge Offs​





...and More!​

Is Your Credit Holding You Back?

In as few as 8 steps you can improve your credit.



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Schedule a free consultation

Schedule a free comprehensive over-the-phone consultation- During this consultation call with a credit expert, you will review your reasoning as to why you would like to repair your credit. Your goals, and the credit repair steps and expectations. 

Request a credit analysis

 Before your credit consultation request a credit analysis from one of our credit monitoring services. 

enroll as a client.

Enroll as a client after your free consultation. 




sign your client agreement.

Sign your client agreement + upload identity documents: All clients must sign a client agreement which outlines from
both parties that the client allows the credit repair company to dispute negative items on the client’s credit report on their behalf
specific to their state. The agreement will also outline all terms of the credit repair process. The client is responsible for
uploading identity documents such as a copy of a license and utility bill so that the contracted credit repair company may attach
to the dispute letters that are sent to the credit bureaus on the client’s behalf.

first work document.

First Work Document: Credit Repair company completes the first round of disputes and mails them to the credit bureaus
(Experian, TransUnion, Equifax). Response time from the bureaus on average is 30-45 days.

the first invoice.

After the First Work Document has been completed the client will be charged the first invoice.

wait 30-45 days

Client will adhere to the counsel of the credit repair company in order to begin the score-building process as the client
waits 30-45 days for a response from the bureaus of the first round of disputes.

After 30-45 days.

After 30-45 Days the credit repair company provides the client with updates of any deletions and then moves forward
with round 2 of disputes to send off to the credit bureaus. Each month a round of disputes is sent to the bureaus until all negative
items have been successfully removed from the client’s credit report.

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